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san francisco with more on the results, the chief economist. jet, am i getting your last name right on that? >> yes, you are, good morning. >> so, i was actually surprised by this. because i thought it was the opposite way around still. you would buy of the 100 metropolitan cities, would you buy everywhere? >> right now it's cheaper to buy than to rent in all of the 100 largest markets. when you take into account all of the costs and proceeds of both owning and renting. >> how are you making this calculation? what's the time horizon? there's got to be other things decides what it means from one year to one year. >> yeah, there's a lot going on under the hood. we're assuming you stay in your home for seven years, which has been the typical length of time that americans stay in a home. we're also assuming that you can get today's prevailing low mortgage rates of about 3.5%. 20% down, 30-year fixed and you're itemizing your deductions at the 25% bracket. taking all those together means that nationally it's 44% cheaper to buy than to rent. now, of course that depends on those assumption
just launched san francisco to vegas for about $900. >> it's not really a private plane because i have to share the the plane with other people. >> it's a private jet but you're sharing the seats on the plane. the model was to actually pay for all the seats on the plane. >> all of them. that's a waste. so we're kind of democratizing and allowing people to fly across the the country on short hops for 900. >> you call it collaborative commerce. >> yeah. >> a lot of these services that put people together, ab&b -- >> to me the greatest risk is that something goes wrong, meaning there's that accident in one of the cars or one of the passengers has a problem or something. and you have this national brand. >> right. >> what do you do about that? >> or, by the way, somebody goes on your couch surfing service and something bad happens in the house. i hope to be the downer. >> ab&b did that. in the early stages they had a couple incidents like that. the powerful thing in uber is the uber rating. very quickly we know if a driver is 4.8, 4.9, 5.0. those are very good ratings. we also have the dri
valley decisionmakers. joining us from san francisco is nicholas from app annie and it ranks research and publishers and we've been trying to get him on for a long time. thank you for being with us, nicholas. >> thanks for having me. >> if you can name the top three apps, hottest next-gen that we need to know about. >> okay. so i would take a look at young lee which is a news aggregating app that has been doing good right now that has a good interface. i would take a look at linkedin and its sister app which is card munch allows you to take pictures of business cards and upload them to your account. >> i've tried this, by the way. it takeses a while to get it to come back. you take a picture of the business card and it supposedly scans it and a real person looks at it first and it could take a week or two. >> yeah. it can take a while if actually the card is not recognized instantly. it is bad because you have a live person, indeed, that actually will have to input it so it might take a while. >> we have our anna huffington here. what apps should she buy? she runs huffington post and
. san francisco, pretty nice with cloud cover and 71 in los angeles. in terms of delays, we don't expect anything. washington, atlanta, seattle, so far, things are picture perfect. no delays anticipated whatsoever. enjoy, guys. back to you. >> thank you for that. as we've been discussing, it is the last trading session of the quarter. all day, cnbc will be bringing you what we're calling channel checks. these are short snapshots of what you need to be watching in the coming quarter. we begin with eunice yoon in china. >> here is what to watch for this china in the quarter ahead. inflation. markets like this one are going up. and that is kautsing people to wonder if the government is going to have to step in and tighten monetary policy. the property market is also in focus. people are wonder fg government measure toes clamp down on housing will take effect. and now that the country has a new set of readers, everyone is waiting to see if they're going to push through much needed economic reform. i'm eunice yoon. >> now back to the u.s. markets. joining us now, maura harris, chief u.s. econ
with the rain, too. dallas, 56 degrees and is relatively quiet out towards san francisco. l.a., breezy conditions. that will make it tough for firefighters. expect scattered showers in seattle. possibly snowfall in the high elevations outside of missoula. that rain could cause you some backup at the airports. especially in seattle. but in nashville, a wintry mix as well as in cleveland. minor delays possible. back to you guys. >> reynolds, thank you and we look forward to that grass skirt next week. >> careful. pith helmet, careful. peek a boo. reynolds, we'll see you next week. >>> the economic recovery on china, what's on the minds of some of the most part frl ceos right now? we are live in istanbul, turkey. michelle crusoe cabrera is there. good morning, michelle. >> and it is a great event, buckeye, because it gives you this wonderful view into what is lapping in the global economy from people who are running businesses all over the world that are really granular level. one of those individuals sitting next to me tceo of the eye group. this is a european based company that has inve
that the chancellor of the university of california at san francisco, susan desmond hellmann will join its board of directors. she'll be the second woman elected to the board following cheryl sandberg. she's genentech. i know she may be the chancellor now. but that's where obviously everybody knows her from. the company had faced criticisms that its directors were all men. meantime the company is expected to unveil a big changes to its home page feed likely making it both more visual and content specific to users. she's great at that. she's one of the people that saw how well genentech has done in terms of being a huge asset to roche's business, and a lot of the drugs that we talk about were genentech related. it was the first one to come public. >> it was. when we come back we have more of an all-star lineup. two hours and almost too much to cover. famed market bull jeremy siegel. short seller jim chanos. alex gore ski and michael stein hart. stay tuned. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exac
in there. williams from san francisco, dudley, 11 and leff lacquer who seems to make a lot of news but only giving ten speeches. let's look at the next award that larry meyer gives. the total absolute chance, bernanke moves it 18 basis points over the course of his 12 speeches. dennis lockhart from atlanta coming in second. doesn't strike me as one of the more influential guys but apparently the market is really listening. richard fisher next. dudley, bullard, lacker and williams. now this is the most important award i think. we call this the power player award. this is moves per speech. bernanke at the top, followed by our good friend from atlanta dennis lockhart. jeff lacker second, like i said, he's pretty impactful when he does speak. bill dudley and kocherlakota. one more thing. how do they move markets? are they hawkish, do they move the yield up or down? bullard here tends to move it up. lockhart but there's bill dudley a known dove moving it up. williams, and plosser a known hawk moves it down. bernanke moves it down which is what you'd expect. joining me now larry meyer to explain
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7